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Kendall - Silver
Halter-neck Dress
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Maria - Rose Gold
Pink Criss Cross Dress
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Black and Gold Glamour
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Pinky Nude Sequin Playsuit
Price £39.99
House of Jewels

Crisp colour and playful sophistication are hallmarks of House of Jewels UK. Founded in 2014, we specialise in the most beautiful necklaces and earrings you could possibly find. We’re not afraid to bend the rules, hence the reason we also layer our necklaces to create epic, eye-catching combinations! We believe that great style begins with great design. Every single piece is intricately designed enhancing any ensemble with a perfect blend of both daring and charming pieces. Every product in our collection goes through a complex selection process, ensuring that the quality delivered, far exceeds Client expectations.  We have a passion for delivering high quality jewellery in an ethical way, at a price that is affordable for all.